MESA has been awarded by IBERDROLA as Supplier of the Year 2015 in the category of Quality Response Services


This year, six Basque companies were honored with the prestigious award for their work in 2015.  The event took place at Iberdrola Head  Offices, in Bilbao.


The objective of this event is to promote and recognise the work of the company’s suppliers. The awards underline the company’s commitment to promoting Sustainable Development, Quality, Globalisation, Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Job Creation and Occupational Risk Prevention.


José Luis San Pedro, President of Iberdrola Spain stressed the importance of strong relationships with their suppliers in order to get the best equipment for its large scale national and international energy projects.


Abdón Quecedo (Managing Director at MESA ), in the middle, next to Asís Canales, Iberdrola Group´s Purchasing  Director  and representatives from the other winning companies ;  Elecnor, Balzola, Tecnalia, Tamoin y Lantegi Batuak.

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