Railways and High Speed Rail

National rail market leaders. 


The quality of our products fully meets our clients’ investment optimization, continuity of service, and operational safety needs.


The following clients have already relied on MESA:


  • High-Speed Trains:
    • Sole strategic supplier for the 55kV High-Speed ADIF  Substations.


    • Eurotunel, one of the largest-scale international infrastructures.


  • Conventional railways: Supplier of reference  for Barcelona,  Bilbao and Malaga undergrounds, FGC…


Ferrocarriles y Alta Velocidad

Product Range

Medium Voltage equipment for High-Speed Rail (alternate current feed):


  • GIS single-phase cells 1 x 27.5kV and 2 x 27.5kV two-phase cells for high-speed rail power substations.
  • GIS single-phase cells 1 x 27.5kV for high-speed rail auxiliary services substations.
  • "Feeder" gantry type isolators 1 x 27.5kV for cantenary power supply for high-speed trains.
  • 1 x 27.5kV High Speed Trains overhead catenary disconnectors 
  • Electric commands


Medium Voltage equipment for conventional railroads (continuous current feed):


  • GIS enclosed cells for rectifying power substations at conventional railroads, metro, tramways, etc. of up to 52kV.
  • Outdoor feeder disconnectors for continuous current catenaries up to 17,5kV.
  • Continuous current catenary disconnectors up to 3,6kV for conventional lines.
  • Electric commands