1- Quality in products, service and support.

Quality is our maximum priority. To that end, MESA has implemented a quality assurance policy that applies to all activities from manufacturing to personalized assistance and after sales service.


2- Safety of our staff and equipment.

Safety is a key element for MESA. Therefore, it heavily invests in all
matters related to occupational health and safety.  MESA has been awarded the OHSAS 18001 certificate. 

Our equipment ensures maximum safety for the operator during the assembly and launching processes.


3- Efficiency of our equipment as well as our facilities and production systems. 

The new plant surpasses all current environmental requirements in Spain. We save 30% of consumed energy, which is equal to planting 20,000 trees per year.

We employ leading production methods (Leam, VSM, Kaizen, TPM, SIM...) based on the latest manufacturing technologies, with the objective of improving competitiveness, reducing delivery time and ensuring the maximum possible compatibility with the environment during the entire manufacturing process, as well as in relation to the final product.


4- Innovation

MESA is continuously innovating. R&D&i is built in our DNA. Currently, 10% of staff members work on research, development and innovation projects.


5- Social commitment 

We participate in the training of disabled individuals.

We actively contribute to the training and integration of disabled individuals through Lantegi Batuak, a non-profit organization focused on the creation of quality employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Nowadays Lantegi Batuak is one of our main suppliers.


6- Growing Local Economies

80%  of our purchases are from Spanish suppliers. A way to stimulate local economic growth.