Secondary distribution switchgear

 Modular or compact DVCAS cubicles up to 38.5kV for application in distribution networks, renewable energies, data centres, railways...



  • Photovoltaic plants

  • Indoor and outdoor applications in PV Stations

  • Storage with batteries or H2


Wind energy onshore/offshore

  • Onshore wind farms (onshore)

  • Solutions adapted to severe environmental conditions (corrosive)

  • Offshore wind farms (offshore)


  • Inside the wind turbine

  • On the outside of the wind turbine in a kiosk



  • Underground and underground railway lines

  • Tramway lines

  • Medium and long distance trains


Oil & Gas

  • Distribution networks in oil extraction plants and refineries


 Commercial and industrial buildings (CIB)

  • Data Processing Centres (DPC/Data Centres)

  • Industrial/Infrastructure Centres

  • Hospitals